* Statement Addition: May 17, 2009

The Working White English Bulldog Association (WWEBA) mission is to provide breeders and owners with the means to permanently register, record the heritage of, and ultimately preserve the future of the White English Bulldog.

The White English Bulldog is also known as: English Whites, Southern Whites, Old Southern Whites, Hill Bulls, American Bulldogs (forebearer of the original American Bulldog), and several additional names according to the location from which they came. The White English Bulldog has always been, and continues to be, a farm utility dog, as well as a trusted family guardian and companion.

First and foremost, the WWEBA breed standard requires the White English Bulldog to be of stable temperament, while possessing the structural and athletic ability required for farm utility work. The WWEBA breed standard reflects the ideals of foundation breeders. These foundation breeders are individuals who have preserved the White English Bulldog, mainly in the southern United States, for many generations.

With temperament being of the highest priority in our efforts to preserve this breed, the WWEBA wishes to make the following rules known from within our Mission Statement:

The Working White English Bulldog Association does not condone any form of training of a White English Bulldog for the purpose of being aggressive toward any human being. Any associated formal activity, ie: bite work, man work, protection training, Schutzhund, Ring Sport, etc... is prohibited. Anyone engaging in these activities may be permanently banned from registering their White English Bulldogs with the WWEBA. Furthermore, anyone engaging in these activities with WWEBA registered White English Bulldogs will have all registrations permanently revoked.

Let it also be known that the Working White English Bulldog Association will permanently ban any individual using White English Bulldogs for dog fighting.

* As is stated on all WWEBA official forms: "The Working White English Bulldog Association reserves the right to revoke registration on any dog in the event that any false information has been knowingly used to register the animal. The Working White English Bulldog Association reserves the right to deny registration to any puppy and /or dog that does not comply with our accepted breed standard."

Founded by a group of devoted, like-minded individuals, the Working White English Bulldog Association is dedicated to recording the history of this versatile foundation breed, and securing its place in the future.

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